Typographic Hacker

  • Glitch manipulation


  • Newspaper type glitch
  • Process
  • Type modification
  • Process
  • Typographic exploitation
  • Process


‘the nature of glitches comes into focus when all three variants of technical failure have the same semiotic function’

‘…a glitch can emerge from either technical failure or not failure’

‘the raw data is exposed for us to hack ….messing with an image data directly in a hex editor’ – p.96

The outcome I wanted was to resample the visual image chosen, intervening in a typographic language.

Through manipulating the coding, the problem I was facing was that I couldn’t get the glitches to appear in the same place in the JPEGs. I overcame this by continuing to play around with the coded language (detail of what was done) and I was able to create more refined outcomes.

(Comment on how relevant these quotes are to actual brief and describe how you made final choice of images)

Brief – typographic intervention

With images, this involves exposing their raw data – eg the typographic elements that form the image

Reference list:

Bentancourt, M. (2017) Glitch Art in Theory and Practice: Critical Failures and Post-Digital Aesthetics. New York: Routledge p. 96


Brownie, B. (2015) Transforming Type: New Directions in Kinetic Typography.


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