Catalogue layout: A5 flat plan

CTS GMD Catalogued Page Plan

Contents is a noun defined as something that is contained within a domain, the subjects or topics covered in a book or document is a great example.

A5 Coptic bind with no contents

The chapters or other formal divisions of a book or document e.g. A table of contents. Something that is expressed through some medium, such as notably a written piece or speech open to interpretation.

Key words:

Substantive information, creative material viewed, potential manner, presentation, holding capacity

Projector and light
Projector and light

Front cover – Design

-Containing name and course







Copyright page
Copyright page









Contents – Whats inside?


Introduction – 300 words

‘#Whats Wrong with Graphic Design?’ – Indulge reader with flaws

First things First: Back to basics

Typography and Language: Type and meaning

Kay’s Catalogue, Modernism and Fashion persuasion: Flannuer

Think Ink: Fin de seicle, print vs digital age

The debate: Grids

Photography and fiction: painting and death

The net: Modernism and Post Modernism

Space and Place: liminal

Annotated Essay: What is referencing? poster

British Library visual essay:Photography and interpretation

2000-2500 word essay: Panoptic model

+ Annotated Ref/ Bibliography

Exhibition and film reviews:

A+100 years of graphic design by women of Central Saint Martins, Unofficial War Artist by Peter Kennard, Century of the Self Part 1: Happiness Machines 

Studio Advertorial – Action. Time. Vision.

Back cover:

300 word design rationale

 Indesign, Book Making – Part 1 – FlatplanURL



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