This seminar was based on the theme of Love and hate. I understood that networking in this form becomes disruptive as it directly effects the individual. Online people are now able to find love in the form of an app and dating sites. Moreover, by watching an episode of MTV’s ‘Catfish’ you can see how much online dating has taken over the sphere of finding love. The show depicts people who have been in online relationships with people who have created fake internet personas – usually the Catfish is not who they’ve claimed to be and the show displays the revelation of this. This is an example of Love and Hate. The love quickly turns to hate when someone realises they’ve been tricked online by someone who created a false identity – nevertheless it can be said that although the internet does offer viable ways to find romantic love – there is the risk of being mistreated. Due to this risk, the internet does seem to be a place of somewhat hate where people are hurt by others’ actions. Another example of hate online is trolling. People are able to create anonymous or ‘fake’ profiles/personas on sites such as Twitter that enables them to bully celebrities, public figures, and the everyday person. Laws have been put in place and social media platforms have attempted to control online hate, but it doesn’t stop ‘trolls’ from ruining lives with continuous cyberbullying.


Reference list:

Lepinoy, S. (2017) Love/Hate. [Lecture to GMD Year 2] London College of communication


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