This lecture was about security and privacy within the twentieth century, it discussed key a figure, Edward Snowden. Snowden (1983) who is a former CIA engineer and analysis became popular in 2013 as a result of leaking sensitive information which disrupted the surveillance techniques being used in America. As a result of this, Snowden refuses to return to the USA as he faces counts of espionage.


Security and privacy come to the forefront of discussion when looking at the use of the internet. Everyday stories are told of websites being hacked, emails of important figures and programs and music being leaked due to weak security systems within establishments. So it seems digital systems have in fact not made our lives more secure but exposed us to ‘whistleblowers’ – people who reveal things that are hidden.


This year Netflix was notoriously held at ransom by a blackmailing hacker named The Dark Overload. He leaked episodes of the award winning series Orange is The New Black forcing Netflix to release the series early. This is an example of privacy being disrupted on a larger scale. It can be argued that online there is no such thing as privacy and somehow, everything and anything is accessible if given the right means.

Reference list:

Lepinoy, S. (2017) Security/Privacy[Lecture to GMD Year 2] London College of communication



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