Disruption and The Network

Why did I choose this subject?

I chose this subject because as this option has strong parallels to my earlier Music Cultures studies. After referring to the Panopticon and its links to social media, I discovered my interest in discussing areas that involve privacy and security. Although I’ve been allocated to do a short multimedia presentation on

How do these ideas relate to your personal experience?

Was the text convincing?

The text was quite convincing as it comments on the fact that

the gross profit which is

revenue understood as

target market which can include

A contemporary example would be Adobe software, MC Donald’s corporation (1955), Primark (1969) and Gap (1969)

we have evolved to use more pas

Why or why not?

This is because

Theorists: Clayton Christensen

compared to

Disruption happens when an innovate product or products are introduced to the general public, for example; Apple products, Uber, fashion, musicians, designers etc. Any innovative idea, analytical or literal, mobile to stationary and especially marketing techniques.


Gross profit, Revenue, Target markets

Who is my audience?

Research into the London taxi mini cabs and how their profits decreased due to the innovation of Uber

Reference list:

Lepinoy, S. (2017) Disruption and The Network. [Lecture to GMD Year 2] London College of communication




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