Term 2: Space and place by Greta Hauer and Dene October

This lecture discussed the non-fictional and the fictional, imaginary spaces or places that are not a part of the normal world or even has a physical presence. Constructed environments or branded space and places. Why are they developed and how do they become a part of our new identity? What/Who defines a branded space or place?  Are their limitations and major differences between a space and a place or do they correlate? Parallels and similarities can be found in Saussure’s theory of Semiology, Bentham’s panoptic model and contemporary surveillance were introduced.

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Branded spaces, performativity, threshold, profane, sacred, liminality

Essay questions:

1. Is masonry destiny? Referring to a fictional or ‘real’ example of your choice, examine the organisation of domestic space as determined by cultural, historical, and architectural factors.

2. Which elements (objects, performance and landscape) can form a counterfeit space? Investigate the details of a fictional or real example.

3. How does the Simulated Spaces and/or a Non-Space space alter our identity?

Reference list:

Hauer, G., October, D. (2015) Space and place [Lecture to BA GMD Year 1] London College of Communication. 06/04/16


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Picture credit:

The Truman Show (1998|2016) Official Movie Trailer. YouTube. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3gI9ms8Fdc (Accessed: 20 August 2016).



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