Term 2: The Net by Andrew Slatter and John-Patrick Harnett

In this session we will be discussing the proliferation and dispersion of images online, juxtaposing classic photography/image theory with the subject of the internet, and exploring the concept of the ‘poor image’. We go on to investigate how Electronic Mediated Communication is evolving, changing and altering language, Emoji was Oxford Dictionaries ‘word of the year’ for 2015 and the relationship between writing and speech empowered by the ‘social web’ will be explored.


Surveillance, identity, exploration, connectivity.


Photography, image, social web, communication, interaction, network.

Essay questions:

1. In what ways has the Internet transformed the use of images and/or language?

2. Discuss how Hito Steyerl’s concept of the ‘poor image’ might relate to the context of graphic design.

3. How is identity expressed through our use of language online?

Reference list:

Slatter, A and Harnett, JP. (2016) The Net. [Lecture to BA GMD Year 1] London College of Communication.

Picture credits:

III, H. (2012) Some significant dates in social communication, The Journeyer. Available at: http://hugh.thejourneyler.org/2012/some-significant-dates-in-social-communication/ (Accessed: 14 August 2016).


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